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This Privacy Policy states the collection, use and protection of the Personal Information collected on this website. These terms and condition refers to Spree and its subsidiaries. This policy is not applicable to our corporate partners or other business affiliates. We request you to independently view their privacy policies. Also, Spree is not responsible or does not commit to privacy policy stated by Corporate Partners.


This policy is applicable to anyone who,

  1. Visits the website
  2. Makes a purchase on our website
  3. Applicable to both users & members

A member is defined as a user who has an account at spreehotels.com. This account will have a unique User ID as well as a password accessible only by the specified user.

Personal Information

This information includes- name, address, mailing address, telephone number, e – mail address, credit card number, debit card number including the three-digit code that appears on the back of your credit card, debit card, cardholder name, expiration date, information about the travel, bookings, co passengers, transaction history with Spree and any other information that is shared by users of the website.

Collection &Handling of personal information

We respect your privacy and take it very seriously. We do not sell or rent your contact information to any other entities. The purpose of collection of this information is to serve you better and ensure we at Spree provide you with all the services that we commit to. In order to make a purchase on our website, we would require personal Information like your name, credit card number and expiration date, credit card billing address, telephone number, e – mail address and number of people, destination, for the sake of room booking. The objective of collecting this information is to complete the requirements of the transactions. If you are making a reservation on behalf on another individual, you confirm that these travellers have agreed in advance and you are responsible for the information shared with you on behalf of them. We also use the information provided by you to customize the website to meet your specific needs.

Tenure for Retention of Personal information

Spree retains this information for however long we feel necessary to fulfill the objective defined by our policy documents.

Registered Member

To become a registered member on the website, you will be expected to share  your email address, login name, password and a password hint to help retrieve your password. This information is used by us to enable you to make your bookings more efficiently, to offer your customized promotions and to help us meet your specific requirements from Spree.


Cookies- is referred to information stored by the browser in the computer’s hardware. Cookies are not viruses. Cookies are only text files and hence cannot be dangerous to a computer. It cannot be used to plant viruses or use your personal information. The information shared by you is NOT gathered on a cookie and shared with third parties. The objective of these cookies on our website is to customize your experience to suit your needs. Cookies are automatically accepted by web browsers; Although there exists an option to control the acceptance of cookies by your websites.spreehotels.com supports your decision to block cookies to stop unwanted internet activities. It is possible to permit cookies from websites you trust. We request you to trust in us, as blocking cookies can deter you from using features on our website to enable bookings, view past history or make any other purchases. We assure you that our website is completely safe.

Logging in session Data

Session data refers to standard information about your connection to the internet. This information is not linked to any personal data. Session data is data such as -IP Address, operating system, type of software used. IP Address can be used to determine a person’s geographical location at the point he/she is connected. We collect session data to understand users surfing time, number of page visitors and likelihood of clicking through certain features in our website.

Links to websites of third parties.

Spree may allow third part advertisers from time to time. Links to these websites maybe available from spreehotels.com, Spree is not responsible for the collection and use of data by these respective websites. Spree has no control over the website of these third parties nor does it have access to technology/cookies utilized by them. Usage of these third party sites will be governed by their privacy policy. We urge all users to view their privacy policy before use of these third party websites.


This site contains the name, trade, and logo of Spree by Spree Hospitality. Spree intellectual property is protected under national and international laws and is not permitted to be copied, reproduced or used in any other possible manner. The trademarks cannot be used independently or as a combination with any other logo or trademark. The trademark can not be used for services, products or activities that are not connected to spreehotels.com.


All the modules on Spree in which include- pictures, videos, GIFS are owned by Spree or licensed by Spree. Usage of any derivative work from such modules is strictly prohibited.

Website User

Spree reserves the right to stop the access of users who are charged with infringement of copyrights of with Spree or others.