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Spree Hotels

The first hospitality brand designed for the evolved, modern global traveller to India. Spree will incorporate elements such as modern decor, a full service-focus, cutting edge technology, and a deep respect for the environment into the experience that it carefully crafts for its customers

Our properties across India offer services like blazing fast free internet, comfortable beds and bedding, scrumptious hot breakfast and much more! With an unyielding promise of superior customer service and a hardworking team to ensure the safety and comfort of all our guests we strive to offer all our guests an unparalleled customer experience ensuring a truly delightful stay. With a team that comes with several decades of hospitality experience Spree is poised to dot the Indian landscape with its unique brand of hospitality.


To be the modern traveler’s first choice for a mid-market hospitality brand that is synonymous with fun, great service and efficiency.

Mission Statement

To provide mid-market global travelers extraordinary service at a moderate price. Spree is a brand for the youngest at heart.